Weekly Blog Update – April 22, 2015

Hey Guys!

It’s been a weird week right? We all want to kick back and have a good weekend right? Good! Because this will be a pretty chill end to the week.

I’m going to show you guys something pretty out of this world – It’s called Mod X, a CMS (Content Management System) that puts you in control of EVERY aspect of your site – Including application builds and so much more!

Mod X offers multiple ways to implement code and strings of site pages, and allows for easier control over your mass amounts of data – and is scaleless, meaning you can go as big or as small  as you need! Everything is completely manageable and has a smooth UI to help you on your way. The goal of Mod X was to make design and implementation that much simpler for Web Developers of all levels, and even allows for multiple languages of code to exist in a seamless website environment without one stepping on the other! Below I’ll attach the link to the information page for Mod X – and include a pretty lengthy video that youtuber Jesse Showhalter made that directly compares WordPress to Mod X!

*At around 5 minutes in he begins breaking down advanced WordPress usage – showing you plugin usage and such! Very interesting to watch!

Here’s more information from the Mod X website!



Weekly Blog Update for April 15th!

Amazing right? Of course it is! You just watched the reverse editing of a piece of delicious pizza being turned into a supermodel!

This is only one of the many examples as to why Photoshop is industry leading, and why that fact will NEVER change.

Photoshop is:

  • Flexible
  • Easy to Use
  • Widely Known
  • Efficient
  • Customize-able
  • And jammed packed full of tools!

Industry leaders everywhere such as Ad Companies, and even private sectors such as police forces – ALL use Photoshop! It’s not just photo editing – It’s creating from nothing, it’s creating new things from old things, it’s ad campaigns and fundraisers, it’s your only source of income, it’s the reason you have a job – It’s a million things and everyone wants to learn how to use because it’s the program that does it all!

Here’s a few smaller reasons you’ll want to use Photoshop, and keep up with all the new tools too!



Weekly Update from April 1st!

Last week I talked about Apple’s Continuity feature, which came bundled up in the OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 operating systems! Included in this update was a host of features such as Call Forwarding to your iPad/Mac, Hand-Off, and more!

Just to recap- I let you guys know what the off-handed square was, to the left of your Finder Icon in the Dock, and let you know what it meant and why it was there. No worries – It’s not dangerous or there to ‘mess you up’ but rather to give you the option of sharing web pages to your fellow students. Next week I’ll work on removing Continuity from the computers of those who don’t want that option turned on!

Here’s Apple’s page on Continuity, and it shares a lot of information about the new features!


Here’s the DEMO that they did that shows off the uses of the new features in Continuity!


Weekly Blog Updates! January 28th 2015

Hey guys! This is an update for last week (The 28th)!

Last week I covered some Basic Mac information, so checkout the full page to get acquainted with your new Mac Desktop!

This is your Basic Mac Desktop!

This is your Basic Mac Desktop!

First off; Those two Green areas you see are your Finder Bar, and Your Dock – Key essentials to a healthy running mac!

  1. This is the Apple Menu, where you can restart or shutdown your station, navigate to updates or system preferences, and where you can find the force quit menu to end processes that aren’t responding. Very helpful for when Photoshop throws a fit!
  2. This is your ‘Active Window’ Menu. If you’re in Safari, you’ll see Safari – If you’re not using a window or program you’ll normally see Finder up there instead. Use this when you’re setting up your station to view multiple windows!
  3. These are your basic editing tools, just like you would see along the top of a PC’s windows! Here you can save webpages, create bookmarks, copy/paste, and all the fun things you gotta do to get things done. There’s also a nifty Help button at the end that you can type full questions in!
  4. This is your Time Machine Icon! It will highlight in black when it’s performing large backups, and allows you to quite literally go back in Time to restore documents, and files, that you may have deleted or saved incorrectly. (Time Machine isn’t always on when you first open a brand new mac! But is recommended in setup!)
  5. This is your Bluetooth Indicator! It let’s you know when Bluetooth is On/Off, Disconnected, Transferring Media, etc – This is pretty handy when you have photos on your phone that you’d like to use in PS or other editing software.
  6. Your Precious – The Wifi Indicator! Seeing this icon in black means you’re connected to a wireless network, which is great – it’s what we want to see! But don’t be fooled – Just because it’s highlighted in Black, doesn’t mean you have internet connection!
  7. Sound Indicator – For those times when you just don’t want to hit the F11 and F12 buttons to turn your sound up and down.
  8. Date & Time –  Having the Date and Time displayed in the upper right is great! It helps you keep track of how much time you’re wasting, and how productive you’re actually being that day.
  9. SPOTLIGHT! This is your search of all searches tool – Once you click it, a nice blue box will appear for you to type in, much like the help bar, and you’ll be able to search for applications, programs, and get this – Websites and Webpages! Spotlight can act like a Google Search and find the top 3-5 sites that hold information about what you’re searching.
  10. Notification Center – For those of us with iPhones and iPads, this will be familiar! This is where you can access a whole host of different things, from e-mail to calendar events, to reminders and even application notifications such as when it’s time to collect gold from the people of your glorious kingdom! It can be customized to your liking, same as the iOS devices!
  11. Finder! This is your file keeping, main OS operating friend. You’ll always have finder open, same as always having Windows  OS open all the time! But let’s not kid ourselves, Finder throws fits just like any other program, and just like other programs – Finder can be relaunched in the Force Quit Menu.
  12. This is Safari – Many of you are already familiar with this icon because the first thing anyone does on a computer is go to the Internet. Safari is the Mac based equivalent to Internet Explorer, and is used for all your internet needs.
  13. Launch Pad! This little guy here is your helper in getting to all your applications without having to open a Finder window. This is similar to how the new Windows 8 start page is laid out. It’ll have all your apps on screen, and you can scroll left or right to find more.
  14. This is your System Preferences icon – Most of us know what this is, and how it controls A LOT of how we interact with our Macs – You can use this just like the Control Panel in Windows, so no worries on learning new terminology and getting confused – It’s all laid out for you!
  15. These are “Open Application Windows” – They hangout here so that you know what you’ve got open in what program. This is handy for when your desktop is getting over crowded and you just need to minimize a few things.
  16. And finally – Your Trash! Whenever you delete or Send a File to the Trash – This is where it goes! It never fills up and you can throw anything in it, even applications! But please remember to take out the Trash every so often, or you’ll experience some major system lag!

And that’s it! All your basics in one go!