Weekly Update from April 1st!

Last week I talked about Apple’s Continuity feature, which came bundled up in the OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 operating systems! Included in this update was a host of features such as Call Forwarding to your iPad/Mac, Hand-Off, and more!

Just to recap- I let you guys know what the off-handed square was, to the left of your Finder Icon in the Dock, and let you know what it meant and why it was there. No worries – It’s not dangerous or there to ‘mess you up’ but rather to give you the option of sharing web pages to your fellow students. Next week I’ll work on removing Continuity from the computers of those who don’t want that option turned on!

Here’s Apple’s page on Continuity, and it shares a lot of information about the new features!


Here’s the DEMO that they did that shows off the uses of the new features in Continuity!


Weekly Update! March 10th 2015

This week I showed you guys the Keynote for the new “Macbook”


Above is the link to the Keynote; They begin talking about the new Macbook around 29 minutes in!

Some key features of this newly designed notebook by Apple:

  • Contoured, Stacked batteries – Lots of em’!
  • Butterfly switch keyboard keys, with single LEDs to light up EVERY key.
  • Force Track Pad, with tactile response.
  • Extremely thin – So thin, it’s almost invisible.
  • Full Retina Display.
  • Only one USB-C port for ultimate connectivity while remaining portable.

The cost for one of these tiny, power-packed notebooks? $1199!