Weekly Blog Update – April 22, 2015

Hey Guys!

It’s been a weird week right? We all want to kick back and have a good weekend right? Good! Because this will be a pretty chill end to the week.

I’m going to show you guys something pretty out of this world – It’s called Mod X, a CMS (Content Management System) that puts you in control of EVERY aspect of your site – Including application builds and so much more!

Mod X offers multiple ways to implement code and strings of site pages, and allows for easier control over your mass amounts of data – and is scaleless, meaning you can go as big or as small  as you need! Everything is completely manageable and has a smooth UI to help you on your way. The goal of Mod X was to make design and implementation that much simpler for Web Developers of all levels, and even allows for multiple languages of code to exist in a seamless website environment without one stepping on the other! Below I’ll attach the link to the information page for Mod X – and include a pretty lengthy video that youtuber Jesse Showhalter made that directly compares WordPress to Mod X!

*At around 5 minutes in he begins breaking down advanced WordPress usage – showing you plugin usage and such! Very interesting to watch!

Here’s more information from the Mod X website!



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