Weekly Blog Update for April 15th!

Amazing right? Of course it is! You just watched the reverse editing of a piece of delicious pizza being turned into a supermodel!

This is only one of the many examples as to why Photoshop is industry leading, and why that fact will NEVER change.

Photoshop is:

  • Flexible
  • Easy to Use
  • Widely Known
  • Efficient
  • Customize-able
  • And jammed packed full of tools!

Industry leaders everywhere such as Ad Companies, and even private sectors such as police forces – ALL use Photoshop! It’s not just photo editing – It’s creating from nothing, it’s creating new things from old things, it’s ad campaigns and fundraisers, it’s your only source of income, it’s the reason you have a job – It’s a million things and everyone wants to learn how to use because it’s the program that does it all!

Here’s a few smaller reasons you’ll want to use Photoshop, and keep up with all the new tools too!




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